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We are Hunting for Expressions of Interest for a Shipwreck Related TV Series

Wreck Hunter, the experienced dive team that produced the multi-edition Wreck Hunter books is seeking expressions of interest for collaboration to create and produce a documentary series on any or all topics relating to “shipwrecks”. We are interested to speak with documentary producers, filmmakers, and production houses anywhere in the world. We have many potential TV project themes that include: history, exploration, discovery, science, reality, adventure, travel, etc. 

With our experience, contacts and skill sets, we can bring credibility and professionalism to your project and save you a great deal of time and money.

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Famous Shipwrecks Beneath Canadian Waves

In a nation that stretches from coast to coast, it’s no surprise that Canada’s the resting place of countless shipwrecks. Many of these ships travelled from Europe to discover the New World. They were full of hopeful immigrants in search of brighter futures. “These shipwrecks evoke images of adventure, sunken treasure and heroism. They capture our imagination,” says Terry Dwyer, shipwreck hunter and author. As a teenager, he watched Jacques Cousteau’s weekly TV show and became captivated with the underwater world.

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authorphotoShipwreck Hunting 101 Workshop – The Basics

Our most popular and most in-depth workshop that covers a host of topics on shipwrecks.

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of shipwrecks and learn about the emerging and fascinating “business” of Shipwreck Exploration and potential Scuba Tourism business opportunities. Terry shares a wealth of knowledge and personal tips on how to research discover and document shipwrecks. Learn about some of the unique challenges and obstacles he and his team has faced on a daily basis working in the shipwreck exploration business and how they adopted their solutions to shipwreck diving projects. Experience several PowerPoint, multimedia presentations and lectures. There will be lots of handout materials as well as in-depth discussions on an array of topics followed by Q & A sessions. The workshop covers everything from organizing adventure and scuba tourism projects and expeditions to searching for shipwrecks, how to research and document shipwrecks, marine archaeology, artifact conservation, underwater video and photography, search factors and techniques used to locate shipwrecks, the science and technology involved in shipwreck hunting, the political, ethical, personal, legal and public relations issues, waivers, partnership and non disclosure agreements, project management, planning, procedures, safety and risk management, funding, staffing, corporate sponsors and new and innovative opportunities. There will even be “special guest” speakers, such as retired and active salvage divers, treasure hunters as well as Admiralty lawyers.

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Canadian Diver Magazine Book Review

New Book WRECK HUNTER 2 – The Adventure Continues

whfrontSpend some time in the company of an adventurer, find out what makes him tick and follow his remarkable journey on some of his real life adventures over the past 35 years. Experience the thrills, excitement and challenges that are associated with searching for shipwrecks and sunken treasure. There are over 10,000 shipwrecks off the coast of Nova Scotia with less than one percent having been located. The possibilities and opportunities for new discoveries of shipwrecks are limitless. Read about the remarkable history of but a few of the thousands of shipwrecks that lie off the coast of Nova Scotia. Learn about the latest cutting edge technology and techniques used to locate shipwrecks. Read about the current laws, the policies, the opinions, the players, the politics and the resulting problems and issues currently affecting the controversial and often public debate concerning shipwrecks. Finally take a glimpse into the future as his adventures continue into uncharted areas of shipwreck exploration.

Early Reviews
In this book, author Terry Dwyer makes a strong point early on when he writes, “Every shipwreck has a unique story to tell of how and why it came to be in its final resting place.” The stories of several shipwrecks are well-told in the following pages. Terry Dwyer really has ‘been there, done that’. This book, his second on the subject he loves, tells of the ins and outs and the ups and downs of those who make wreck hunting and treasure salvage not just their business, but their absolute passion. Terry Dwyer is one of those people.  You will find that this continuation of Terry Dwyer’s 2005 book ‘Wreck Hunter – the Quest for Lost Shipwrecks’ is every bit as fascinating as the original. Enjoy the voyage!
Phil Nuytten 
Publisher of Canadian DIVER Magazine

If you are into shipwrecks and adventure, Terry Dwyer shares his many years of real world adventure and experience in the hunt for shipwrecks. We all have a little "Indiana Jones" in us, the need to discover & explore, and Terry is without doubt, an underwater Indiana Jones. Today in this world of political correctness, there is an attitude promoted by the archeological community that private individuals should not have access to shipwrecks. It is refreshing to meet a Maverick like Terry who does not toe the line of the "idealistic" marine archeologist's and says it like it really is.  Terry is a champion for all shipwreck divers. You will enjoy this book as I did.
Garry Kozak
GK Consulting

I grew up in the Bahamas and learned the wonders of the sea at an early age. By my mid twenties I became more and more fascinated with shipwrecks and then it turned to obsession. When I met Terry in 2005, I had already made most of the mistakes I thought it was possible to make in the undersea salvage business. Terry not only caused a paradigm shift in my thinking but also made me better and wiser than anyone I had previously been associated with in this industry. This book is a must read for anyone interested in shipwrecks.
Paul Roman
President of Marine Archaeological Research Recovery Systems   

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Terry Dwyer’s second book – Wreck Hunter 2 – The Adventure Continues, is now available at and in book stores everywhere.