rp1The new Guardian Full Face Mask with wireless communications from Ocean Technology Systems. VAN2015 002 A new EXOSUIT and a NEWTSUIT in production at Nuytco Research Ltd. In Vancouver in June 2015.
 VAN2015 003 A partially restored 1-man submarine, the DEEP ROVER one atmospheric submersible and the AQUARIUS submersible. Hurricane 004
The “Wreck Hunter”, a Zodiac 590 Hurricane, formerly an ex Canadian Coast Guard Inshore Patrol boat – currently undergoing a refit.

VAN2015 006Terry Dwyer standing next to the original NEWTSUIT, Number 01 build in 1990.


WH-Tank-Decal-PRINTWreck Hunter tank decal

VAN2015 010Phil Nuytten and Terry Dwyer in the lobby of Nuytco Research Ltd., Vancouver 2015

4 Shipwreck School – Side Scan Sonar Operators Course Participants, from left to right
Shipwreck School Instructor – Garry Kozak, Olivia Floyd, Tom McLeod, Ray Neilson, Terry Dwyer and Andrew Waddell.


Wreck Hunter Hoodie


RCMP Underwater Recovery Team Members learning to set up the towfish


Halifax RCMP Underwater Recovery Team members complete side scan sonar training.

From left to right: Tom McLeod, Ross Burt, Byron Mercer and Mark Bishop.

sonar2-011 RCMP Members adjusting the sonar search / survey lines

scan-004 Side Scan Sonar Course Instructor, Garry Kozak
demonstrates how to set up the EdgeTech 4125 towfish.
2 Course participants taking turns monitoring the
side scan laptop inside the cuddy of the survey vessel.
5 Shipwreck School is now in session -
The classroom portion of the side scan sonar operators course.
3 Terry Dwyer and Garry Kozak on the first official Shipwreck School
- Side Scan Sonar Operators Course hosted in Halifax, Nova Scotia.