Shipwreck Hunting 101 Workshop – The Basics

Our most popular and most in-depth workshop that covers a host of topics on shipwrecks.

ns wreckmapImmerse yourself in the mysterious world of shipwrecks and learn about the emerging and fascinating “business” of Shipwreck Exploration and potential Scuba Tourism business opportunities. Terry shares a wealth of knowledge and personal tips on how to research discover and document shipwrecks. Learn about some of the unique challenges and obstacles he and his team has faced on a daily basis working in the shipwreck exploration business and how they adopted their solutions to shipwreck diving projects. Experience several PowerPoint, multimedia presentations and lectures. There will be lots of handout materials as well as in-depth discussions on an array of topics followed by Q & A sessions. The workshop covers everything from organizing adventure and scuba tourism projects and expeditions to searching for shipwrecks, how to research and document shipwrecks, marine archaeology, artifact conservation, underwater video and photography, search factors and techniques used to locate shipwrecks, the science and technology involved in shipwreck hunting, the political, ethical, personal, legal and public relations issues, waivers, partnership and non disclosure agreements, project management, planning, procedures, safety and risk management, funding, staffing, corporate sponsors and new and innovative opportunities. There will even be “special guest” speakers, such as retired and active salvage divers, treasure hunters as well as Admiralty lawyers.

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